DOJ obtains major Gangster Disciples indictments; 48 charged

The Gangster Disciples originated in Chicago with the merger of two other gangs.  They now have a presence in half of the country.  They are hierarchical, well-organized, and extremely violent.

Yesterday, the Justice Department released now-unsealed indictments from two districts – the Northern District of Georgia and Western District of Tennessee – that charge 48 alleged members of the Gangster Disciples with a wide variety of federal crimes.  The crimes include RICO conspiracy, drug conspiracy, murder in aid of racketeering, extortion, and various firearms offenses, as well as a variety of financial crimes.

From my reading of the indictments, at least one person, named in the NDGA indictment, will be death-eligible for allegedly committing a murder in aid of racketeering and using a firearm during or in relation to the murder (there is no death penalty under RICO, but there is a death penalty under the VICAR statute and the firearms enhancement statute).  Others may be similarly death-eligible using complicity principles (e.g., if others ordered or approved the killing).

The DOJ’s press release is here.  Both indictments are linked at the bottom of the release.



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