Interesting Vox piece on Trump – and the dangers of shamelessness

I have made no secret of my distaste for Donald Trump’s candidacy, believing as I do that he represents a serious threat to constitutional government.  I have other objections that I articulated here, but most of my criticism has focused upon what I believe to be a dangerous combination of anti-constitutionalism and vulgar populism.  See, e.g., here and here and here.  I won’t repeat those concerns, but suffice it to say, Trump should be especially scary to those, like me, who believe in safe government under the Constitution.  With this personal history in mind, I could not help linking to Ezra Klein’s new piece at Vox: “The Rise of Donald trump is a terrifying moment in American politics.”  This piece persuasively outlines some of the additional reasons – give special attention to Klein’s argument about the dangers of shamelessness – why Trump’s ascendancy in the presidential race is to be feared, not admired.



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