Making America Great Again . . . one constitutional violation at a time

There’s little to add to this.  The idea pretty much speaks for itself.  There will be extensive comment on how disgusting Trump’s notion is, how it will drive other Republicans crazy as they figure out how to distance themselves from him, how it might be a sign that he is deliberately blowing up to give himself an out.  Call him cynical, call him nutty, call him fascist.  But, I ask again, is the problem Trump, or his supporters?  Do not lose sight of what may be an even bigger concern than Trump: a great many of the people who support him will see no problem with this.  They will not only favor it, they will cheer it. Some may actually be more willing to vote for him in light of this idea. It is past time for serious people, including other candidates, to call out not only Trump, but those in his flock who encourage this kind of stuff, who constantly make excuses for him and why they continue to support him, and who think that doing violence to the American constitutional order is permissible in their fit of spite.  It’s stomach-turning.  The mere fact that some Americans are lapping his idea up, and enthusiastically supporting a man who would even propose such a notion with a straight face, is itself a source of deep concern – and reason to be sad about the state of discord in our great Nation at this critical moment in its life.




One thought on “Making America Great Again . . . one constitutional violation at a time

  1. Tell me what is wrong with banning them from entering the US? We’ve almost always banned or limited entry based on national origin and you don’t complain. But banning the importation of Muslims bother you?

    And no! It’s not unconstitutional. The constitution doesn’t speak to immigration at all, other than to place its control in the hands of the federal government instead of those of the several states.


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