The energetic executive

It is beyond strange that the leading critique of Jeb Bush thus far has been that he is “low energy.”  That criticism has come from a man who has objected to anything more than two hours of debate, and who clearly became fatigued during the last debate.  Now, Donald Trump has aimed his “low energy” criticism at Ben Carson, a man who achieved professional success and fame doing some of the most grueling work imaginable – far more grueling, one supposes, than anything Donald Trump has ever tried professionally.  It is ridiculous that calling someone “low energy” passes for a credible argument these days, and even more ridiculous that the news media does not more regularly seek clarification from Trump as to what, exactly, he means by this criticism – as if talking loudly and launching into immature personal attacks constitutes being “energetic.”  When will someone challenge him on this line of attack, which he clearly believes is meaningful?  This clearly is not what Alexander Hamilton had in mind when he spoke of “energy in the executive.”

Still, if this is how the subject matter must be framed, then I suppose I prefer a low-energy personality to a low-energy mind.


One thought on “The energetic executive

  1. Trump’s constant personal attacks on people are typical of a bully mentality. I think Carson is doing a great job of managing Trump’s repertoire of childish, ridiculous comments.

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