Thoughts on the Democratic “Debate”

I promised that I would not post unless I really had something to say.  I don’t have much of use to say about the Democratic “debate” last night.  I will simply make a couple of observations, though they are likely of little help.

First, if Vice President Biden needed a final and conclusive reason not to enter the race, last night provided him with that reason.  He missed his window (in my view, he missed it weeks ago), and now all of the otherwise usable space is occupied by Secretary Clinton.  Peter Hart’s idea of Biden pledging a single term, during which he works to unite the country, is interesting, but I don’t see how it gets him the nomination at this point.  Secretary Clinton certainly is vulnerable and she can be beaten.  But not by a Democrat, unless another shoe drops on one of her scandals.  If, as Bernie Sanders stated, the battle is to be waged on the issues alone, then Senator Sanders loses.  And so does everyone else, including VP Biden.

Second, while Republicans may want to run the argument that she is vulnerable and only looks so formidable when compared against a small field occupied by a Socialist and three others who lack presidential heft and have no chance of winning, I would be more cautious.  She has a way of minimizing her vulnerabilities.  So while there may be something to the “This is the best that the Democrats can do?  Really?” line of argument, Secretary Clinton is – again, barring some turn of events on the scandals – only going to get stronger.  Now is the time for Republicans to step up their games and identify the narrow field of candidates who can genuinely compete against Secretary Clinton on the electoral map.  If last night reminded the Republicans of anything, it is that Hillary Clinton is deadly serious about becoming President.  It’s game time.


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