GOP “debate” preview, Part II: Wilsonian advice

No, not Woodrow Wilson (I know that’s what you all were thinking).  Rick Wilson.  I had planned my next post to be something different, but I had to share Wilson’s piece from Politico today.  Don’t stop reading halfway through.  It gets especially hilarious down the page.  I can’t say I agree with all of the advice in here, and perhaps Wilson was being a bit ironic at times (and the editing is at times flawed).  But it’s worth reading.

One of my favorite pieces of advice here:

“Tell me you wouldn’t pay money to hear someone say, ‘Donald, that’s really all I expect of you. This is a country in serious trouble and in desperate need of serious leadership, and all you’ve got is put downs about Carly’s looks or my energy level? Why don’t you go sit in the corner while the grownups talk?’

Don’t be afraid to throw your head back in laughter to the point where you get asked why, and reply, ‘This guy? President? You’re f-ing kidding me, right?’ You want a headline from the debate? There you go.”


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