Does Trump really lead the polls? Look closely.

A (hopefully) final word on the Trump phenomenon.  I often hear Mr. Trump respond to tough questions by referencing his standing in the polls.  Indeed, he tops all of the Republican Primary polling.   No question.  However, in the polling that pits Mr. Trump against Hillary Clinton in the general election, he loses.  In fact, he loses badly, and – even more interesting – all of his Republican rivals outperform Mr. Trump against Secretary Clinton (and some of them win).  And when Mr. Trump is pitted as a third-party party candidate against Jeb Bush and Secretary Clinton, he loses to both (and guarantees a Clinton victory).  Real Clear Politics has some of the numbers here (the RCP Average has Clinton over Trump by a whopping 14.8%).  The WMUR poll explanation is here.

Why do I not hear other Republican candidates talking more about this?  Moreover, why do I not hear political reporters confronting Mr. Trump with this data?  Given Mr. Trump’s affinity for citing his place in the polls, why not force him to account for polls in which he does poorly and other Republicans do well?



One thought on “Does Trump really lead the polls? Look closely.

  1. Because he has contributed heavily to the Clinton’s in the past, we have wondered if he is behaving like this deliberately to make the Republicans look bad so people will sway over to HIllary. Just sayin’…


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